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Shanghai expo exhibition

Shanghai world expo exhibition & convention center is a advanced facilities of reasonable layout, energy conservation, environmental protection, the transportation is convenient, complete function and high specification, modern, international convention and exhibition venues. The adjacent to the huangpu river, located in the west side of the expo axis, the China pavilion, expo center, the performing arts center, five-star hotel, is high standard, international modern service industry is an important part of the community. The pavilion is superior location, determines the unique convenient transportation advantage. Her connection Nanpu Bridge, lupu bridge and da pu road tunnel river main trunk road and pudong south road, yao hua, with dozens of bus lines, rail transit line 7, 8, yao hua road station directly to the pavilion.

  The pavilion covers an area of 11.5 hectares, the construction area of 152000 square meters, construction area of 9.3 square meters on the ground, by the south and north entrance hall, the central hall, 1, 2, 3 hall, VIP reception area; Underground construction area of 9.3 square meters, pavilion, pavilion by 4 and 5 meeting regional, negotiation room, equipment and parking garage, etc. Three outdoor plaza (sink, north square and south square square) and two unloading area (east area and west unloading area discharge). 10 square meters of indoor and outdoor exhibition area layout is reasonable, the function is all ready, free combination, related to space is very easy to visit, can satisfy the need of different scale exhibitions and activities.

  central hall: multi-function central hall of 10000 square meters, space plasticity, guests first concept design of wind resistance in the rain one-stop connect the exhibition hall and function area, is the preferred venue for related exhibitions, activities, ceremonies. Conference room: 3000 square meters of meeting area a total of 11 large, medium and small conference rooms, the largest high level meetings can hold 780 people. Supporting occupancy: supporting more than 90000 square meters of housing can be used as a senior office equipment, business service area, dining area, area, etc. Outdoor exhibition area: 2 square meters of exhibition area, outdoor and indoor space. Parking garage, ground, underground parking area has nearly 1500 parking Spaces, convenient logistics.


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