Haisibu denim clothing flexible customized platform settled in CITC China clothing custom exhibition
Dare to create different denim, custom from this one started
Heisibei denim flexible customized platform selected for the national Ministry of Manufacturing 2017 manufacturing "Double Chuang" pilot platform for demonstration projects, is China's first cowboy full-class custom platform, with core intellectual property. Will integrate 2000 well-known designers at home and abroad, free production of 100 denim professional clothing manufacturers output intelligent manufacturing technology and industrial big data, service 10,000 custom shop, create billions of denim clothing flexible production intelligent manufacturing platform, and in 2016 In November of the Amazon became the world's first co-manufacturers clothing network.
- Haasberg denim clothing flexible custom platform
"Trainer focus on cowboy, private custom transformation"
Shandong Haisibu apparel Group Co., Ltd. was founded in 2008, for many well-known brands to provide delivery services
The existing staff of more than 1,000 people. In 2015, the Group established Shandong Shangniu Intelligent Manufacturing Co., Ltd. to start the transformation and upgrading of the production line from industrial 2.0 to industrial 4.0. Intelligent information upgrade in 2016, the world's first large-scale personalized customized denim clothing Zhi Zhi enterprises. In 2017, the company independently built the shirt custom-made assembly line. The company realized the personalized customization of the full range of cowboy clothing. The "Jeanswear Flexible Customization Platform" was selected as the platform of "Double-innovation" in the manufacturing industry of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in 2017 by the State Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. 2018 Heidelberg global apparel personalized custom network collaborative manufacturing service support platform selected National Development and Reform Commission 2018 "Internet +" major projects
"The Internet has changed the user's spending habits, the market is no longer the previous market, Heidelberg constantly explore, summed up the future economic existence of the three major trends:
1, resource integration, development of shared economy
2, to provide a platform for community synergy
3, follow the trend, flexible use of the Internet +
"Full range of personalized customization"
Heidelberg denim custom categories include jeans denim pants, shorts, denim shirt, jacket, skirts, dresses and other categories.
Heidelberg customer volume customization under the premise of the word deduction skin licensing laser, embroidery, digital printing, laser washing, and garment dyeing and other five major personalized technology, personalized design personalized jeans, including jeans, all Design elements to meet the full range of personalized jeans custom needs.
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