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Exhibitions profile

Shanghai International Tailored Clothing Exhibition is affiliated to Shanghai Aozo Exhibition Service Co., Ltd., which will be held at Shanghai World Expo Exhibition on April 19-21, 2019!

Exhibition theme

"Arouse the National Consciousness of Tailored Clothing, Dig Deeply Into the Industry Demands"

Transformation, Precision and Efficiency

With the development of the "Internet +" era and the rise of personalized production, China's manufacturing industry, especially the clothing industry, has set off a new wave of transformation, particularly in the field of paramount clothing customization and personalized clothing customization. 2019 Shanghai International Tailored Clothing Exhibition (“TCE” for short) aims to help enterprises transform their traditional business models, accurately target new trends in the market, promote efficient operation of enterprises, meet the growing individual needs of consumers, and popularize the new model of customized clothing consumption. Committed to building the first display promotion platform for the Chinese clothing customization industry.

【Professional Tailored Clothing display platform - new form + new experience

As a professional exhibition platform for apparel customization in China, TCE Shanghai International Tailored Clothing Exhibition will be held again at Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Hall on April 19-21, 2019. TCE brings together industry chain participants such as designers, brands, manufacturers, tailored stores, and consumers to achieve effective linkage under the new industry model, forming an organic ecosystem of apparel customization industry, and helping to promote apparel custom consumption. To accelerate the development of the new model "new experience" add "new retail".

In 2019, TCE will optimize the integration of industry resources on the basis of the past, relying on the professional accurate audience database accumulated by the organizers for many years, more than 230 professional media resources, professional colleges, industry associations, various online and offline activities, multi-directional linkage, Help clothing companies break the traditional business model and continue to slump.