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How does clothing customization take the smart manufacturing success?
“How to let science and technology help the traditional women's women's transformation and upgrade, let Chinese women's women in the forefront of the world, this is my 30 years of experience and feelings for the haute couture industry.”
——Chen Lingmei Chairman of Shenzhen Winning Zhishang Technology Co., Ltd.
From April 19th to 21st, 2019, the TCE Apparel Customization Exhibition was held at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center. Shenzhen Winning Zhishang Technology Co., Ltd., as a leading manufacturer of high-end women's smart manufacturing, was invited by the organizer of the National Federation of Industry and Commerce Textile and Apparel Industry. The theme of this TCE clothing customization exhibition is “to wake up the awareness of clothing customization for the whole people, and to dig deep into the needs of the clothing customization industry”, and win the wisdom to create a global women's all-intelligent supply chain platform to achieve flexible production and reduce the loss of brand suppliers. Avoiding the backlog of inventory and helping customers to develop rapidly and meet the individual needs of customers is a coincidence.

Science and Technology Green Pavilion & Women with Dreams C

"Women, if you have a dream, you won't be old." "I don't care about my age at all. As long as you have a dream and want to do it, this is enough."...Win the TV wall on the corner of the Chishang Pavilion. Play CCTV host Zhu Xun's high-end dialogue program "Dialogue New Era" fragment, the legendary figure in the field of women's intelligent manufacturing - Ms. Chen Lingmei, the chairman of Winning Zhishang, in her conversation with Zhu Xun, telling her that she was bravely chasing after 70+ seniors The dream, the story of the new field of intelligence, attracted many visitors to stop watching.

As the key exhibitor of the TCE Apparel Customization Exhibition, Winning Zhizhi is debuting in the design of the pavilion with both technology and fashion, occupying the C position of the TCE clothing custom exhibition. The exhibition hall displays a full range of high-end women's products that can be customized by intelligent supply chain platform. There are three smart bodies in the field to experience professional professional services free of charge. During the three-day exhibition period, the negotiation area was full of seats, and the sample clothing area was full of people. Brands, customized stores, supply chain partners and consumers from all over the country were in a constant stream.

Win Ling Zhishang - full smart women's supply chain platform, mission must reach

Founded in 2017, Win Lingzhi is committed to building a fully intelligent women's supply chain platform. After two years of hard work, it has created three channels of omni-channel intelligent sales, intelligent R&D and intelligent manufacturing, and built a new supply chain for brand owners. , design studios, customizers, manufacturers, provide C2M, C2B2M two modes from demand to delivery of the whole process of service, to achieve high-quality personal customization and flexible production and agile supply of different styles of large goods, reducing the shortage of brands At the same time of loss, it avoids inventory backlog and helps customers develop rapidly.

At present, Winners has a manufacturing base of 220,000 square meters in Shenzhen and Yudu. Currently, 13 intelligent production lines are deployed. It is planned to fully promote intelligent production lines and smart workshops in 2020, and finally realize the all-intelligent supply chain. platform. Winning the goal of Zhishang is to become the world's leading women's all-intelligent manufacturing R&D center in 2025, becoming the world's most advanced hybrid flexible production smart factory in the world, and truly realize the intelligent upgrade of the women's wear industry.

Every elite women's wardrobe needs a high-end custom

“Win Zhishang” is a full-class high-end women's smart custom brand launched by Ms. Chen Lingmei in 2018. It launches high-end customized women's products and services for the market. There are two business cooperation modes: joining agents and customizing groups. At present, the range of intelligent customization covers suits, jackets, shirts, pants, skirts, dresses, etc., to meet the elite quality of women's dress quality, clothing size, personalized requirements, in official business, business, wedding banquet, celebration, Dress code for various occasions such as social events.

“Winning is still a women's intelligent supply chain platform, open to the whole industry, providing intelligent manufacturing full-process services; Win Zhishang provides high-end women's smart custom products, opening flagship stores in selected cities, easy for partners and customers offline Experience the quality and service." In the face of the media and peers asked to win the relationship between Zhishang and Win Zhishang, Ms. Chen Lingmei said.

"Fashion Technology Intelligent Deduction Personality"

Winning Ling Zhishang Technology Co., Ltd. Chairman, senior women's intelligent manufacturing pilot - Ms. Chen Lingmei, with nearly 30 years of high-end women's operating experience, she founded three high-end women's brands NAERSI, NAERSILING and NEXY.CO, three major brands New York Fashion Week and Milan Fashion Week. From the high-end women's brand management to the women's all-intelligent supply chain, Ms. Chen Lingmei has become a high-profile leader in the women's wear industry.

When the reporter asked her at the beginning of her 70+ senior career in the field of intelligent manufacturing, she said, "How to let science and technology help the traditional women's women's transformation and upgrade, let Chinese women's women in the forefront of the world, this is my 30 years of high-end women's clothing industry. Thoughts and feelings have been thinking about the issue."

In this exhibition, Chen Lingmei, as a special guest, attended the fashion customization experience sharing conference and delivered the keynote speech of “Fashion 邂逅 Technology Intelligent Deduction Personality”, sharing the advantages of winning the intelligent intelligent supply chain platform and winning wisdom. The two business models of high-end custom brands: franchise agents and cooperative group customization, she firmly believes that with the advanced all-intelligent supply chain platform, to meet the consumer's personalized fashion needs is just around the corner. Her frankness and confidence in the future custom market have infected all the guests present.

Entrepreneur Summit - they are so beautiful when they forget to run

As the leader of high-end women's intelligent manufacturing, Ms. Chen Lingmei was invited by the National Federation of Industry and Commerce Textile and Apparel Chamber of Commerce to attend the "2019 China Textile and Apparel Entrepreneur Summit" held at the Sheraton Shanghai Pudong Hotel on the afternoon of April 20. The theme of this summit is : New supply, new manufacturing, new business. Ms. Chen Lingmei and Mr. Gao Dekang, President of the Chamber of Commerce of the National Federation of Industry and Commerce Textile and Garment Industry, Mr. Wang Yao, Director of the China Business Federation and the National Business Information Center, jointly conducted a heated and in-depth discussion on the core content of “clothing customization and intelligent manufacturing”. Ms. Chen Lingmei shared her point of view: “The three major trends in women's clothing customization are: individuality, fast delivery and high quality. The proportion of haute couture customization will continue to rise in the future.” With the upgrade of network, digital and intelligent technology, this The three major trends have also become the basic appeal of consumers to choose custom, and Winning Zhizhi is also optimized and upgraded around these three goals.

Entrepreneurs represented by Ms. Chen Lingmei continue to innovate and continue to struggle. As the backbone of society, they shoulder corporate responsibility and mission. They forget the stance of running and make the viewers pay tribute. Thanks to their efforts to create, our lives have become more and more beautiful.