How to choose lining
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How to choose lining
How to choose lining for professional wear? The selection of matching linings for business suits should follow the following principles.
(1) The performance of the company's lining company should meet the requirements of clothing styling. The thickness, force, and shrinkage rate of the lining should be consistent with the fabrics. Otherwise, the clothing will be taken and washed. affected.
(2) The color of the lining shall be coordinated with the color of the fabric, the color of the lining shall be the same as that of the cheek, and the color fastness shall be better so as not to contaminate the fabric and underwear. The lining color of the thin fabric shall be lighter than the fabric, otherwise Can affect the appearance of clothing color.
(3) The performance of the lining company's lining company should meet the requirements of the comfort of the garment. The lining of the garment lining should be hygroscopic and breathable. Use as much of the fabric as possible. The fabric should be light and easy to pull off. The lining of winter clothing should be There is a certain degree of security, and attention should not be felt cold.
How to choose lining
(4) The properties of the lining shall meet the requirements of processing. The heat resistance, thickness, etc. of the lining shall meet the requirements for convenient garments and workers.
(5) Customized clothing company's lining should meet the economic requirements of clothing. When choosing lining materials, it should also pay attention to economical and practical, but also consider the use of customized business suits. The specifications of the cotton cloth mainly include the name of the cotton cloth, the number of weft yarns (branches), the warp and weft density, and the length and width of the cloth. The name of fabric and the weight of the fabric are also sometimes stated. For example, the name of the cotton fabric is fine plain cloth, the number of warp and weft yarns to be treated is 21texX19.5tex, the warp and weft density is 267.5 pieces/ 10cmX275.5 pieces/ 10cm; the length of the pieces is 30m, and the width is 137cm to indicate the specific specifications thereof. Fabrics formed directly from yarns such as various woven fabrics, knitted fabrics, knitted fabrics, and the like. The fabrics formed in the form of combination (mixed), such as perfume-bonded fabrics and coated fabrics, and multifunctional fabrics such as thermal insulation, windproof, waterproof and moisture-permeable. Fabrics formed directly from fibers, such as non-woven fabrics and molded fabrics, fabrics made of non-fibrous materials such as plastic films, rubber sheets, and the like.

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