Exhibitors gather to see first, meet
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Exhibitors gather to see first, meet
Clothing custom industry chain group
Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Hall H3 Pavilion Full Coverage
200+ clothing custom exhibitors
15,000+m2 display area
22000+ professional costume audiences across the country
Light up Shanghai on April 191!

 This issue: Premium apparel custom exhibitors see first

Brand Merchants - Factories - Surface Accessories - Smart Customization

4 large blocks

— Custom clothing brand dealer —
Guardian of quality, one-to-one version of the service

Clothing customization never lacks popularity. It comes from everyone’s pursuit of personalization and suitability, and it is unique and different. The 2018CITC China Fashion Custom Show will take everyone into the door of a traditional clothing custom and new Chinese clothing custom to explore the fun of customization.

Exhibitors recommend:

Booth number: T-F02
Company Name: SOLOSALI
Company introduction: Baoxiu's professional custom brands, private custom experts from Italy, and full-class private custom companies.

Booth number: T-F02-1
Company name: Yibang people
Company introduction: “Internet + Home Measurement + Industry 4.0” introduces fashion customization and is committed to creating a global fashion C2M platform.

Booth number: T-F01-1
Company name: Haisibao, Shandong
Company introduction: Haisberg Jeans clothing flexible custom platform, serving 10,000 custom shops.

Booth number: T-F01-1
Company Name: Dalian Longsheng Clothing
Company introduction: Through the Internet + intelligent manufacturing, the realization of leather goods customization, really subvert the traditional leather industry.

Booth number: F12/F15
Company name: UTAILOR
Company introduction: Lu Tai Group's high-level shirt custom brand, you can personally design, choose fabrics, accessories, styles, just a one-click online orders, tailor-made under the line.

Booth number: F55
Company name: Qingdao, a red buckle
Company Profile: The “Internet+” company, which integrates online operation and offline experience, has undergone years of research and development to customize and successfully operate the apparel.

Booth number: T-F09-1
Company name: Beijing Jinding Tang
Company Profile: Focusing on "New Chinese Fashion Apparel" as the main professional advanced customization company, selecting top fabrics, supplemented by Chinese traditional hand-sewn craftsmanship, dedicated to creating a piece of fine clothing.

Booth number: T-F03
Company name: Qingdao Qidong Junyi (Guoshui Brand)
Company Profile: Focusing on “Sang Yun Sha”, hand-made ancient crafts such as cheongsam, men's national costumes and other clothing accessories, and put in the production of love emotions, personalized customization to do the finest and the best.

Booth number: F09, F10
Company name: Qufuru clothing Hanfu culture
Company introduction: The costumes of the Han, Tang and Tang dynasties interpret the classic luxury Chinese fashion aesthetics of today, carry forward the Confucian traditional culture, lead the fashion trend, and advocate high-end customization.

Booth number: F56
Company name: Eternal Femininr
Company introduction: It's clothing and all-match women's star-studded star, movie stars Zhu Yin, Liu Yan, Dai Si, Jiang Mengxi, and so on, all wearing apparel provided by the benefits company to participate in major events, street photography and so on.

Booth number: F13
Company name: Shanghai Bai Deshan clothing (Lanting Hui brand)
Company introduction: Set high-end men and women apparel customization, salon courses, clothing custom display as one of the high-end club, which has a large number of custom brands of Chinese and Western designers.

Booth number: F70
Company name: Chaucer
Company: with "Joe silk -JAOBOO, Angie Mann -AN & ANMAN, Ji Fen -JINFEN, sound non -YINFEI, Rui color -RUISE, MEXMAXIXE six own brand, but also provide OEM for other well-known women's brands Processing and design development services.

Booth number: T-F10-1
Company Name: Nakazawa Fashion
Company Profile: Light luxury custom women's clothing has always been committed to shaping a positive, time-sensitive classic, fashion, business, and professional image for successful women, breaking the traditional limits of professional wear.

Booth number: F01
Company Name: Jingshang Famous (JSMJ)
Company introduction: The original name of the original women's brand, brand positioning: 25-35-year-old office lady commuter style, in 2015 officially landed the first try-out experience store, subvert the traditional brand marketing model.
Booth number: F22
Company name: Yun Wei advanced customization shop
Company Profile: Nantong Shouyuan Textile Co., Ltd. was established in Shanghai and specializes in the sale of clothing in custom stores. The products include cheongsams, dresses, mothers' clothes, men's and women's suits, and group clothes tailoring.

(More brand clothing custom please visit the show to understand)

— Custom clothing factory —
Hardware solves custom requirements and technology creates new productivity

There are more and more tailor-made clothing shops in China, and there are many clothing custom shops that have opened chain stores. However, the production costs of custom clothing, such as the cost of surface materials and the technical cost of workers, are still quite high. The factory that serves the clothing custom will grow wildly.

Exhibitors recommend:

Booth number: T-F06-2
Company name: Wenzhou Jayadi
Company introduction: China's professional half-liner, full-liner manufacturer, is also a high-level suit custom company, involving enterprise suit customization and coats, vests and other custom advanced customization.

Booth number: F25
Company Name: Ningxia Huichuan Clothing
Company Profile: Founded in 1993 in Yinchuan, Ningxia, it has a history of 25 years. It has an annual production capacity of 100,000 suits for custom tailoring, a custom shirt capacity of 200,000, and a coat customization capacity of 20,000.

Booth number: F52
Company Name: Guangzhou Gold Custom Apparel
Company Profile: Established in 2003 and using C2B's new business model in 2015 to create high-end jeans custom brand, it is currently the first factory in China to focus on private custom jeans and casual pants.

Booth number: T-F07-1
Company Name: Shandong Lafeng Clothing
Company introduction: China has taken the lead in completing the transformation and upgrading of the denim factory, upgrading from the traditional industrial 2.5 factory to the industrial 4.0 cowboy factory, transforming from large-scale mass production to large-scale custom production.

(More clothing custom factories please visit the show to understand)

— Custom clothing accessories supplier —
Clothing quality assurance, the source of the wearer's taste improvement

The exhibition will focus on the introduction of clothing custom-made surface accessories suppliers, providing tailor-made enterprises to provide core competitiveness in the industry, lay a solid foundation for the source of production, and upgrade the quality of each customized product from the “heart”.

Exhibitors recommend:

Booth number: T-F01
Company Name: HOLLAND & SHERRY
Company introduction: As one of the most expensive fabrics in the world, it has the most complete product line among the top brands, and Domicile and Shijiabao can be described as three British swordsman fabrics.

Booth number: T-F01
Company name: DECHAMPS
Company Introduction: DECK AMPS is one of the best fabric brands in the world. The suit fabric is the British Royal Queen fabric. The fabric not only has a British-style color scheme, but also perfectly blends French style.

Booth number: F21
Company Name: Suzhou Tianhai County Trading (Sudi Jinlu)
Company introduction: Mainly the traditional silk fabrics of Song Jin, Su Jin, Luo, Xiang Yun yarn, silk reel, silk satin and so on. Its existing designer brands: Su Jinlu San San.

Booth number: F61
Company name: Mercer USA
Company Profile: Accessories experts, with high-grade metal accessories from stock, corporate customization, brand OEM and other services. The main spot type accessories are: cufflinks, high-grade metal buckles, brooches, shirt buckles, tie clips, collar inserts and so on.

Booth number: F81
Company name: Micro textile
Company Profile: High-cost fabric suppliers, focusing on providing a complete supply chain and supporting service solutions for domestic custom companies or brands.

Booth number: F05, F06
Company name: cloth with the sound
Company introduction: The main products include clothing lining simulation silk, printed fabrics, knitted fabrics, etc., applicable to suit coats, branded menswear, fashion women's dresses and wedding dresses.

Booth number: F67, F68
Company name: Shanghai Bao Sai International Trade (SUCIETA brand)
Company: SUCIETA brand, from European fashion style, designed for the new world aristocracy senior suits and business casual series, with luxurious fabrics, sophisticated technology, personalized service interpretation of the true meaning of the brand of clothing.

(For more customized clothing accessories, please visit the show.)

— Clothing smart customization —
Professional Solutions Upgrade Drives Industry Transformation

Garment companies set up customized projects to have the ability to quickly respond to changing market conditions, adapt to future small-batch, multi-batch market environments, and enhance their ability to rapidly design and flexibly produce.

Exhibitors recommend:

Booth number: T-D07
Company Name: Dressed
Company introduction: It is the first domestic O2O customization platform that breaks through the whole supply chain system and targets end consumers.

Booth number: T-F09-3
Company Name: Blog Technology
Company introduction: A multi-brand apparel customization platform based on Internet + clothing C2B and Industry 4.0.

Booth number: T-D03
Company Name: Tianjin Baoying Computer Machinery (Fuyi Brand)
Company introduction: The product covers two major fields of cutting and sewing.

Booth number: T-F06-1
Company name: Hangzhou Aike Technology
Company profile: Flexible material cutting equipment provider.

(For more customized clothing accessories, please visit the show.)

— "Smart Custom Zone" -
Informatization, technology, intelligence

The intelligent custom exhibition area attended by companies such as Yiluosi, Chunxiao, ET, Yili, Bowei Hengxin, etc., will show you a one-stop fashion tailoring solution that will fundamentally help your company grow and accelerate new consumer experience.

Some corporate scene image

- The people of clothes -

- Solomon -

— Jin Ding Tang —

—Hithsburg —

- Statecraft -

- Jeadi -

(In no particular order, more exciting please visit the show to visit)

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